electrically conductive thermal interface material

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electrically conductive phase change thermal interface material
Electrically and Thermally Conductive Phase Change Thermal Interface Material

  • Electrically and Thermally Conductive Properties
  • Thixotropic / prevents compound run out
  • Excellent solutions for SCR's, IGBT's or other type of high powered devices
  • Available in sheets, rolls or die cuts
  • Flexible Demand - low volume to high volume requirements
SilverPhase is a high performance thermal interface material designed to provide both electrically and thermally conductive properties to meet the demands of high powered electronic device and components. SilverPhase utilizes a silver filled thermal compound system to provide excellent thermal transfer from a high powered device to a heat sink.

Being able to offer SilverPhase on a range of aluminum foil substrate thicknesses as well as compound coating thicknesses allows us to meet a wide range of device/component applications as well as surface finishes and flatness conditions between device and sink.   SilverPhase is available in log rolls, narrow slit rolls, die cut individuals and die cut continuous reel formats.

Designed with a 50oC standard phase change temperature, the premium design of SilverPhase is able to meet those demanding heat transfer applications that require the best in electrical and thermal performance.  SilverPhase is best suited for providing high performace thermal transfer for use within high powered SCR's, IGBT Power Modules, Transistors or any type of high power device needing the best in either thermal or electrical performance.  Read More

More Information and Support
Thermal material testing and support are critical when evaluating a potential new device design or thermal material. This is why at TIMTEL we offer full sampling, technical and material recommendation support. For more information, contact us toll free at 1-888-989-3832 (USA) +1-949-369-7676 (International)or e-mail us at info@timtelthermal.com for questions, recommendations or to request samples.