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Comprehensive Thermal Management Material Solutions

Creating the Thermal Form to Fit the Function

  • Formulation Development / Revisions
  • Range of Foil and Film Substrates
  • Discrete Thermal Compound Placement on Substrate
  • Target Objective Based Approach
  • Customized to Fit Requirements
At TIMTEL we understand that not always do our standard thermal compound formulations or material constructions meet a specific power device or component thermal objective.  This is why we offer a wide range of custom thermal solutions utilizing our current technology and capabilities as well as new thermal material designs. In today's market of fast changing electronic device thermal management, the need to excel in providing the "one-off" or new thermal material is critical.

It all starts with us understanding specific requirements. TIMTEL works with you to provide you a plan for development as well as furnishes initial prototypes for preliminary review and testing. This preliminary prototype could be something as simple as a thicker or thinner version of a current material or something completely brand new.......but an initial step is made to provide you samples in order to get feedback helping us move towards the next step of scale up or further revision.  This all in an effort to provide you a quick turn around a customized solution for formulation, construction and die cut delivery format if necessary.  Depending on the extent of modification or new development, nominal development charges may apply.
thermal pad die cutting and development
Typical Modification and Developmental Capabilities

Below are a list of typical modifications that TIMTEL utilizes in order to meet your targeted thermal transfer requirements. Contact us to discuss your applications and if a specific modification or new development is required.

Phase Change Temperature Revisions  

Using the same thermally conductive filler structures (performance based), we offer a range of compound basis offering a range of phase-change temperatures from 40C up to 120C.

Thermal Filler Types

We utilize multiple thermal filler types and particle sizes within our thermal compound basis to meet a specific thermal objective.  This various adjustments may include a modification to the filler amount content itself, revision of particle size, a combination of particle size or types as well as new filler type. At the same time keeping in mind the feasibility of manufacturing within the scope of our capabilities. The thermal filers are directly tied to thermal transfer performance and can be used to achieve a specific thermal transfer objective.

Substrate Types / Material Thickness Revisions

TIMTEL currently carries a wide range of non-dielectric and dielectric substrate carrier types and thicknesses. Typical non-dielectric foil substrate carriers include aluminum (1100, 1145, O-Temper, H19 Temper), copper (110-ANN), stainless steel (304), nickel as well as precious metals (palladium, gold, platinum).  Typical dielectric substrates include a range of types and thicknesses of PET, heat stabilized PET, electrical grade PET, metallized PET film, polyethylene and polypropylene films. This is in addition to our standard range of aluminum, polyimide film substrates used in our standard products.

Single Side Substrate Coatings

Not always is thermal compound required on both sides of the substrate.  This is typically due to a re-work function in which no compound residue is desirable on one interface surface if the assembly is pulled apart. TIMTEL can offer one side coatings for all of our standard products, however, apply custom coating thicknesses and coating types to one side of a required substrate.
Discrete Coating Placement

TIMTEL has the ability to apply any one of our thermal compounds or modified thermal compound developments to a defined area of a substrate.  This is desired when the substrate needs to be over sized with respect to the thermal compound placement for specific application reasons.  The discrete placement option is typically used when a final die cut is required.

Continuous New TIMTEL Developments

As part as our strategy to expand our thermal product offerings, TIMTEL continuously develops new thermal materials to fulfill the existing thermal needs in the electronic assembly market, however, consistently create better performing products within phase change technology or other targeted objectives. 

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