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Comprehensive Thermal Management Material Solutions

Combining Capabilities to Target Solution

TIMTEL is an innovative manufacturer of thermal interface materials that combines development and converting capability to support the increasing thermal transfer and cooling needs of electronic power devices and components used in the electronic assembly market today. With an initial emphasis in phase-change thermal interface materials, our aggressive developmental schedules have grown our product line to include not only new thermal compound coating formulations, however, new substrate coating and filming methods techniques to meet custom device application requirements where standard thermal pad offerings don't quite meet the necessary heat transfer needs across the interface. This development has expanded our product offerings into not only phase-change thermal management materials, but also to include thermally conductive adhesive films for heat sink or component bonding where mechanical fastening will not be used. 

TIMTEL is structured to offer you a "One-Stop" thermal comprehensive solution which includes our range of standard thermal interface materials, various die cut converting methods as well as packaging methods designed to not only meet your thermal transfer requirements, but to go one step further and provide you the optimal delivery format best suited for your installation requirements as well.

Our standard thermal interface products are readily available to meet the common power device or component thermal transfer needs.  But as engineers design higher powered density devices within a smaller package to meet the power output demand, TIMTEL is setup to provide our current material formulations, substrate coating/filming methods and die cut converting all customized to meet the new requirement. TIMTEL goes one step further and evaluates formulation and substrate modifications themselves for quick turn around prototyping in order to provide you an even more targeted material that will better meet thermal transfer needs.

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