dielectric film thermal interface material phase change

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Comprehensive Thermal Management Material Solutions

die cut phase change coated thermally conductive polyimide film
High Performance Dielectric Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials
  • 60oC phase-change temperature
  • High performance thermals and dielectric strength
  • Thixotropic / prevents compound run out
  • Excellent solutions for transistors, diodes or non-isolated packages
  • Available in sheets, rolls or die cuts
  • Flexible Demand - low volume to high volume requirements
DiaPhase Dielectric Phase Change Thermal Interface Material
DiaPhase is a high performance dielectric phase-change compound which utilizes various thicknesses of Kapton MT polyimide substrates in order to provide a range of dielectric strength values while still maintaining efficient heat transfer from power device component to a heat sink or case sink assembly. DiaPhase is an ideal solution for non-isolated packages within a transistor, diode, relay, power supply (UPS) or power semiconductor design. 

Designed with a 60oC Phase Change Temperature, DiaPhase 60 provides a high performance dielectric thermal solution suitable for non-isolated packages, transistors (TO-220, TO-247), diodes, relays, chassis assembly or any device cooling where isolation is also required .  Available in rolls, sheets or die cut to an industry standard or specific customer specification. Read More

More Information and Support
Thermal material testing and support are critical when evaluating a potential new device design or thermal material. This is why at TIMTEL we offer full sampling, technical and material recommendation support. For more information, contact us toll free at 1-888-989-3832 (USA) +1-949-369-7676 (International) or e-mail us at info@timtelthermal.com for questions, recommendations or to request samples.